Derived from the word “imperium”, my online alias functions to promote and celebrate geek culture. Whether I’m travelling to conventions, constructing my next cosplay build or getting gold medals in Overwatch, my journey to becoming an IRL anime character is always in motion.

If there is one thing in life that I know for certain, its that I’ve always been a misfit. For years, I struggled through life trying to find the mould that I could reside in. I thought that after university I would have it all figured out, but it only got worse upon my graduation.

Then it hit me: what’s so wrong about being a misfit? I realized that in order for that word to transition from being a source of humiliation to a label of pride, I had to reclaim it.

As a female gamer and cosplayer, I’m no stranger to harassment, bullying and exclusion. These behaviours are harmful and unfortunately extremely common in our community. The best remedy is refusing to let them affect you.

This blog represents my experience as an outcast and how I’ve used it to encourage people like me to be none other than themselves. I believe that it is crucial for people with similar interests to have someone that they can relate to and be reassured that their weirdness has a place in this world.