I did it, I finally caved.

Photos by Christina Kwon (@xtinakwon)

Through their persistence and cunning use of targeted ads, I stood no chance against Facebook’s charm. My infinite scrolling through oversharing statuses and repetitive baby photos finally ceased once I laid my eyes on a picture of a black crop sweater adorned with a long silver chain. It was something I didn’t know I needed until this moment. I kept imagining the endless combinations I could use it towards as if I were using the innovative outfit software from Clueless. I had no option but to take the plunge.

The click of curiosity led me to a shop called LuxNoire. I’ll admit that in my state of vulnerability, I chose to ignore the voice of reason. Even though it occurred to me that I’d never seen this store before, nor heard any reviews on their products, I decided to open my heart and my wallet to give it a chance. At the time, I felt no buyer’s remorse. In fact, the timing was incredible. Every item in my cart had a wicked discount attached and shipping was going to be free! Had fate finally rewarded me? Was this an unavoidable sign from the universe? I didn’t have the answer, but I now had a good feeling upon checking out. With the fabled sweater and a pair of seemingly versatile black joggers to match, I closed my laptop lid triumphantly and waited for them to appear at my doorstep.

Fast forward to the date of arrival.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

I received two separate packages about three weeks after purchase. I hastily tore the envelopes apart only to discover that I had made a mistake. My expectation of the product had been set much higher in comparison to what reality offered. Like others before me, I had fallen victim to the tactful illusion of the Instagram photo manipulations. Though the items looked as they did on the website, the materials were specifically chosen to cut cost of manufacturing and boost profit. The integrity of the sweater was under severe attack by the number of loose threads that threatened to unravel and the jogger’s base textile of tissue paper made my legs feel like a lousy present. Now, one might say that this was the obvious result to buying from an unknown online retailer that was recommended to me by a social media platform, but to others this is an honest mistake. The thing that stuck out to me the most was that I bought these items on “sale”, which means that its possible the company used that as a marketing strategy in order to provoke the buyer to purchase. The trick is to make you feel as though you’re getting a great deal, but you must act promptly to benefit. If that’s not the case, I pity the poor soul who purchased them at the original listed price. I can think of various other things I could’ve wasted my money on.

What I’ve learned from this experience is that I need to ask more questions. Where are the clothes being made? Why aren’t there any reviews listed? How long has this company been around? Does it come in a darker colour? Finding out this information beforehand will come in handy the next time I feel the urge to treat myself impulsively. My advice for anyone in a similar situation is to utilize the return policy. I didn’t, and I regret it. All I can do now is make the best of what I do have and warn others about the consequences of buying blindly. At the very least, they do photograph nicely.

Have you had a similar experience with an online retailer? Tell me in the comments below!

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*note that the pants seen here are not the ones I’m writing about. These are from Disturbia and they’re fanfreakingtastic


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