There was no way I was going to miss out on this kawaii experience…even if it meant going  in alone!

The mysterious inner senshi of Toronto’s Cosplay Cafe delivered a remarkable homage to our most adored childhood anime in such a manner that makes me yearn for this to be a permanent event. I went in with burning curiosity and left with a heartache knowing I’d have to wait until June for the next one.

Considering the small capacity they were dealt with, courtesy of Offsite, these scouts used their cosmic transformation power to recreate the concept space into a Moonie’s fantasy. Not even Mother Nature and her relentless snowstorm could keep me away. I had the luxury of having Sailor Mercury as my waitress, and felt the need to honour her & her hospitality with the consumption of the blueberry velvet vegan cupcake alongside my Helios soy vanilla latte. If I wasn’t so hungover from my birthday celebration the night prior, I may not have resisted the temptation of eating every single thing on the themed menu. Every detail, from the sweets to the soundtrack were executed perfectly.

Nearing the close of my stay, the audience and I were spontaneously treated with a dance performance from the entire cast. I would have felt slightly embarrassed by the extent of my fan-girling, but I quickly realized that I wasn’t the only one filming with the dorkiest grin on my face. On my way out, I was distracted by all the shiny Sailor Moon collectibles and inevitably caved for a Moonstick keychain to commemorate my trip. If you were unable to attend, I urge you to keep your newsfeed on alert for the upcoming plans that these ladies have in place! It can only get better from here.

Enjoy the video,



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