A few days has passed since I was standing in the convention centre, but it seems like I haven’t left.

Fan Expo holds a special place in my heart as it marks the very first time I worked for The Sean Ward Show. On our one year anniversary, I reflect on how my relationship with the team have blossomed into this incredible experience I’m so fortunate to possess.


As I peer out into the sea of familiar faces, I hear the laughter of my friends echoing through the dull roar of the crowd. It is as though the world stops for a moment and I’m able to absorb all of the wonderful energy that surrounds me. Its day 3 of 4 and we’ve just hit a milestone of two million YouTube subscribers. Cheers explode from our booth impacting everyone in our radius. We’ve made it.


I can’t put into words or phrases the magnitude of pride I have for our team. We all come from different points in life and somehow were fused together to build a creative empire. This wasn’t built in a day, nor a year. The path of success is paved with countless failures, but each one revealed a step forward. I can only fathom the extraordinary things that come for us next.

If you want to see a vlog of my time here, sign up to my Patreon! I use that platform to post more in-depth versions of content including personal vlogs, behind-the-scenes videos as well as exclusive photo shoots. It also supports cosplay supplies, convention fees and photoshoot costs, so every pledge is extremely helpful.

Thanks for visiting! I’ll see you soon,

– E


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