I’m breaking my temporary internet silence with a teeny tiny demo / review of these VISKON Quartz Crystal Grey lenses I bought from Honey Color a couple weeks back. Lucky for me this package also came with a free trial pair of lenses, so I’ll also release a little demo for those sometime soon as well!

These weren’t my regular choice of lenses, as I usually pick ones that make me look more like an alien than a human, so this purchase was a bit of a gamble. I will say I was a bit disappointed with the colour when placed on my light eyes. My guess is that some brown-eyed babe would be more than satisfied with the results though, considering there would be a more noticeable contrast. The video shows a comparison of my natural tone vs the one that the lenses created. These are perfect for adding a delicate sheen to your original colour, but next time I will have to scout for something with a little more saturation if I want a more dramatic look.

The lenses themselves were rather comfortable. Since the diameter wasn’t too much larger than my iris, I mostly forgot they were even there. Circle lenses have a tendency to dry out your eyes, but these babies were great for the 5 hours that I wore them. If you’re wearing them for any extended period of time, it’s always a safe bet to bring along eye drops just in case. Better to be with than without!

All in all these lenses were great quality for price. Be advised though, if you have light eyes and are after an opaque grey that is full coverage, these may not be the ones you’re after. Darker eyes definitely have the advantage here!

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