If you’ve ever been on the fence about attending Katsucon in Washington, let this be the post that drives you to go.

I attend conventions in Toronto quite frequently, but nothing comes close to the adventure I had in the States. The 12 hour road-trip inspired me to save up more money to fly next year, mostly because my near OD on Gravol made the remaining 9 hours of the drive almost unbearable. I’m prone to motion-sickness, so my only relief is to become incoherent for a long duration of the trip. Luckily, I didn’t miss any sights to see along the way, so my eyes could soak in as much colour as Katsucon had to offer.

I’d go on & on but then I’d spoil the video! See for yourself the magic inside the Gaylord National Harbor Hotel, featuring some of the cosplay community’s biggest stars I had the pleasure of encountering.

Until next time,



Photo by: Mineralblu 


6 thoughts on “ADVENTURES AT KATSUCON 2017

  1. Hi Emily,
    you seams to be a very passioned person who is into cosplay.
    Are you interested in talking a lil bit about you? I would like to create a article about you on my blog. If so just send me a email (mail in comment)


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