Who’s that Pokémon?! Too late, I ate it… 

Make sure you plan on going out to hatch some eggs if you’re not sharing these babies with fellow trainers. They’re small…but they are potent.

Feel fix to swap out the plain flavours with your go-to picks. You can bake any kind of cake you desire, doesn’t have to be vanilla. Oh, and there is no shame in using boxed cake for these guys, the more time you have for this project the better. I know the video only shows two minutes but this execution took nearly 4 hours to complete! That’s not including the extra time we took for filming. So get comfy in your kitchen because you will be there all damn day.

A few pointers that I didn’t mention in the video for those avid bakers like myself:

  • Let the cake cool COMPLETELY before crumbling / adding the icing
  • DO NOT freeze the pops entirely, we just want them to be firm before dunking
  • Re-roll the balls before adding chocolate if you’re unhappy with the shape
  • Melt chocolate in microwave for no more than 25 seconds at a time
  • STIR, STIR, STIR the chocolate before dipping
  • Styrofoam works great as a cheap stand for pops to cool

If you get stuck and need a hand with anything, I’m only a few clicks away. If you take this challenge, please tweet me or tag me in your progress photos! I look forward to seeing your results. For more stuff like this, make sure you subscribe to my channel.

Happy baking,





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