VELD 2016: BTS

If you’ve kept up with my other social media platforms, you’ve probably been involved in the big buzz that occurred this weekend. Though I’m not at liberty to disclose my exact role, you’re welcome to fill in the blanks as I tell you my story. Apologies in advance for iPhone quality photos.

My music festival track record includes a handful of experiences that provoke a little envy, but this one takes Steve Aoki’s cake. When this opportunity sprung spontaneously into my fate, I wish now that I’d spent more time vacating my ribcage so the weight of my fangirling could be evenly distributed. Engaging in conversation with a metric ton of prepubescent adoration burning in your chest is no way to make a good first impression. Luckily, the free booze provided relief.

To be extremely vague, I attended Veld as a fictional mammal and was witness to Toronto’s favourite outdoor rave through the tiny eyeholes of a very stuffy mask. Memories flooded back to the years I stood in the crowd of sweaty bros and flower crowns, wondering why I didn’t go to the bathroom when I initially felt the urge thirty minutes ago. I’ll have you know, that the sea of florescent garments look so much brighter from the stage, but still so cliche. The onslaught of good vibes hit me like a tidal wave, and even though there is so much turmoil currently in the world, it was refreshing to see an eruption of happiness within such a massive collection of people. Whether or not you threw your serotonin into a chemical overdrive, I understood then and there why life on the stage is so appealing. Sharing your work with thousands of supportive fans that sing along to every word and encourage you to feel nothing but divinity is something I wouldn’t mind waking up to every morning.


Once my 30 seconds of clandestine fame came to a close, I was let loose from backstage to explore all there is to offer for anyone with an Artist wristband. The includes, but does not limit to: golf cart jaunts back and forth between stages, trading Porta-Potties for EDM star’s trailer bathrooms, standing uncomfortably close to famous DJs and finishing wine that I did not have to pay for. I may or may not have also received an offer to accompany a group to Vegas for their upcoming show via private jet, but I’ll save that for another time. I was exposed to so much talent behind the scenes as well, getting to spend time with the people responsible for the visual effects and lighting. Conversing with them and hearing their perspective made me feel appreciation towards a different component of the industry. Without the majority of these individuals, the performances of both headliners and openers would be so lacklustre in comparison. They tell their story through colour and shape, painting the stage with an abstract visual narrative so you have something to look at between jumps.

Blurry Deadmau5

As I mentioned earlier, the necessity to internalize any inkling of fangirl reactions became more apparent the more celebrities I saw. Me being a peasant compared to these people doesn’t harm my reputation in any way, but begging for photo evidence of our encounter or flogging them with questions definitely would. At the end of the day, I’m sure that treatment is the last thing they want to constantly deal with anyways, so I reluctantly put my phone away even though I knew how much these photos would satisfy me and the internet. I’ll save that for the annoying media buzzards that never seemed to take a hint and pester the artists with frivolous inquires. I will admit however, that I achieved my mini goal of breaking the ice with Mau5. I wasn’t as drawn to the idea of chatting with DVBBS or Aoki as I was with Joel, so this was a big step for introverted Emily. It puts me beside a tween in the spectrum of what is to be expected in a mature social interaction, but that’s not the important point here.

All said and done, I thank the stars that my life has catered me with unconventional employment and the ability to describe it under 1000 words. If my essays for university possessed this much desire to be written perhaps I’d be in a contrary spot, but we both know I wouldn’t be having this much fun.

Until we meet again,





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