The commencement of a new era for Emperiam! I knew that this pursuit would be strenuous and an uphill voyage, but luckily I work best under a little pressure. 

Short, but definitely sweet, I wanted this post to evoke inspiration to those of you stuck on a plateau. The thing about success is that it cannot be measured on a universal scale. In fact, it shouldn’t be measured at all. From an early age we’re bombarded with contesting ideals and overwhelming expectations that either make us proud for who we’ve become, or manifest into a weapon we use to break ourselves down. Our comparative instinct is more dangerous than it is useful, so why do we always turn to it first?


Photo: Michael Leighfield


Referencing a post a while back, I was always told that my height will hinder my opportunities as a model. Being only 5’7 really restricts the job market for women like me, because the industry still follows the same criteria for models as when the Earth was flat. But instead of pumping the brakes on the whole endeavour, I decided to find my niche and explore the possibilities within my own realm. Here I am now, featured internationally on a boutique fashion store!

What you do to succeed may not stand beside set the “standards” from outdated norms, or put you parallel to those who you find successful, but they are your own victories and that is something nobody can take away from you. It can be as small or as great as you want it to be, but I want you to remember that you’re going to fucking rock as long as you keep rolling.

Got it? Good.



Your quirky neighbourhood video-gaming, graphic-designing geek with a blog. I'm also found frequently in front of cameras and dancing on podiums.

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