Geeks unite! Take your wardrobe to the next level with Pink City’s unmissable gear. Blending an electric palette with nostalgic feelings for Nintendo, this local Toronto design crew delivers dynamic garb fit for players of all ranks. 

Photo by: Michael Leighfield

My weakness was exposed the moment I saw the varsity jacket. I’m a massive sucker for apparel that references gaming and a pastel colour scheme, so naturally I was helpless to the jacket’s charm. I only grew more fond of the brand when I stumbled upon renaissance Sailor Moon and the Team Rocket Jersey as it made me reminisce about my care-free childish life and the quirky characters that accompanied me.

Photo by: Michael Leighfield

I fully embrace and express my bind to video games, so owning clothes that merge the gap between fashion and geeky culture is a necessity. I’m hoping this collaboration will not be the last, considering a love like this won’t give up easy. If you dig them as much as I do, show your support via Facebook and Instagram. Need more reasons to be swayed? How about some free swag? Enter the contest on Insta to cop the irresistible Hydro Pump trainer coat! As if you don’t want Gyarados intimidating those who stand behind you…

Til we meet again,


Photo by: Michael Leighfield




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