MILESTONE ACHIEVED: First Publication!

Like the gratifying “ding” of the PlayStation trophy, this news made me feel like I’m doing something right . Femme Rebelle Magazine has chosen this set of photos to be featured in their April Issue and I couldn’t be happier. Though it may not be Vogue, I’m taking this experience as a not only a step in my modelling staircase, but a foreshadow of what’s to come.



Massive thank you goes out to the rest of the crew, Gaurav Bose Photography and Victoria Sinopoli  for doing what they do best. If you can believe it, the props were merely dollar store merch painted in gold. That just goes to show you what kind of heroes we are dealing with here.

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Enjoy the set,



Photo: Gaurav Bose Photography
Makeup and Hair: Victoria Sinopoli
Wardrobe: Reckless Designs


Your quirky neighbourhood video-gaming, graphic-designing geek with a blog. I'm also found frequently in front of cameras and dancing on podiums.

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