Patience really is rewarded. I started this project months ago with high expectations for myself and in retrospect, I couldn’t have done it any other way. You can tell when someone has put their all into their work and I want to be recognized as such. 

PHOTO: Sahand Vafaee MUA: Heather Jennings

So many factors were involved in this process. I decided that nothing was going to be left behind, every detail had to be included and that meant my body too. Since I’m not a gym attendee, I knew working out was going to be tricky. My living space does not encourage any sort of storage, let alone physical activity. Luckily, I found that with my bed snug against the wall and all my furniture pressed back, I had enough space to side lunge semi-comfortably.

In addition to exercise, I took the opportunity to partake in an all natural teatox. Y’know, because nothing says “get ripped” like drinking tea. In all honesty I did not notice any changes in my exterior however, what did improve was my energy level and sleep fulfilment. As a student, my sleeping patterns range from high koala to where-is-that-spider-I-saw-a-second-ago, so any sort of improvement does not fly under the radar. I was damn near chipper for the two weeks I was on it and it made motivating myself to exercise a helluva lot easier.



As for the costume itself, I ran into various obstacles. For one, I didn’t know a thing about making accessories from scratch. I’d heard about Worbla and I was eager to test it out but it didn’t seem necessary for this particular cosplay. The only major elements that I needed to craft were Tifa’s elbow piece and the plate on the left shoe, so I wasn’t sure how Worbla would fit into the equation. Instead, I got my hands dirty and used clay. I figured that way if I royally fucked up, I could just start over and pretend it never happened. No mistakes would be permanent, or at least emphasized, with this medium. I was satisfied with the outcome. It was a breeze to paint and it really didn’t take too long to assemble after it was baked. The clay, that is.


To my dismay, my attempt to adhere the armour to fastened straps was done poorly and it ended up damaging the piece in the end. Major n00b move. But it wasn’t in vain of course, being wrong is the best learning tool and next time I’ll probably make another mistake but THAT’S OKAY. REALLY. You can rage quit as frequently as you want as long as you intend to return and try again when your blood pressure isn’t fatal.


Now that Comic-con is over, I’m missing having something to invest time into. Rather, something that involves using my creative mojo and not just my index fingers and thumbs. As an artist, wait no…as an uhm…whatever I am, nothing really compares to watching your ideas come to fruition. You have the ability to think of amazing shit all-day everyday but until you actually deliver the monster, the value isn’t recognized. I guess my point is, I need to keep making things instead of just thinking about how cool they would be.

Here goes nothing,



Your quirky neighbourhood video-gaming, graphic-designing geek with a blog. I'm also found frequently in front of cameras and dancing on podiums.


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