This one goes out to the friendly girl that called me cute and asked me where I bought my outfit from today. I’m disappointed you will never see this, but I just want you to know that I’m thinking about you and I hope it was a sincere compliment and not a Regina George reenactment. It doesn’t really make a particle of difference to me, but I’d like to give the bus driver a concrete answer as to whether or not they need to hit you. 


I really admire the courage of people that take a second out of their life and say something uplifting to a stranger. We are all stuck waging our own daily war so it’s a nice reminder that not everyone is a dick.

Speaking of which, I’m a big believer in not revealing everything you know in order to achieve success. But because I like you and since I get questions about the origin of my outfits more often than not, I’ll gladly share one of the independent brands I frequently buy from. When I try to explain that my shopping habits reside online because I’m a shut-in that loves getting things in the mail, I understand that information is not the response most are looking for. In fact, it’s unfulfilling to hear. I totally sympathize with that, but my lust for eccentric attire is insatiable and the only remedy is perusing online retailers for the perfect closet I have yet to own. I can’t buy a shirt that implies you to “Fuck Off” in Japanese at Forever 21.


Taking wardrobe tips from Mortisha Addams and Pinkie Pie, Happy Monday Store designs clothes for your both your dark-side and the stubborn fragment of kid in you that refuses to grow up. It is tailored for those who want the world to know they are adorable both on and offline. The clever fusion of cheeky phrases and a soft, pastel palette is undoubtedly the aesthetic that I am immediately drawn to. Not to mention the abundance of popular anime characters (like my homegirl Usagi) appearing on a handful of the tops. The variety of the depicted imagery save the designs from looking generic and the recurring references to contemporary internet culture make me feel like my selfie will be an instantly successful Tumblr post.

As for the nitty-gritty, you really are getting the best quality for the price you pay. Though I have noticed the applied graphics on some of the printed tops can be fragile, as long as you remember to hand-wash the fabrics, the life expectancy of the clothes should remain unharmed. Shirts on average do not surpass $25, dresses and sweaters go as high as $50 and skirts start at $15. Plus, shipping is free. I repeat, shipping is free world-wide.


So go ahead and take a gander if any of this floats your boat. The pictures you see here are a collaboration effort between Happy Monday and myself. This means that in exchange for swag, I have to channel my creative mojo to generate dazzling images that will be posted on their social media. It forces me to manifest the wacky ideas I have and really challenge myself to produce something of interest. And no, this is not a paid position. I’m genuinely stoked about this shop and I think you should know about it. Now you too can be the coolest nerd on the street.

That is, until I walk past.


Photos by: Michael Leighfield

Your quirky neighbourhood video-gaming, graphic-designing geek with a blog. I'm also found frequently in front of cameras and dancing on podiums.

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